How to run a lag free minecraft server on a a cheap server or vps

minecraft server

I’ve played on lots of minecraft servers, and I’m still amazed at the low quality, latency and downright buggyness some of the larger minecraft community servers have. So I’m going to teach you how to set up a minecraft server which will run well even on a shitty VPS. I’m using a single-core, 980mb RAM VPS, which costs about 30€/month. Lag-free play for up to 30 people. Yes, that’s right. 30 people.

Courtesy to, who had a splendid article on this. Alas, his article no longer seems to be available, so here’s my version.

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ZEN is playing Diablo III again

Old ZEN has picked up the pace again. We have Sceppie, Toety, Wick, Chiro, Sham, Abdus, Badeend, Pret and many others who are chipping away at the new Reaper of Souls expansion. This feels like a proper blizzard game, with a proper skill curve. No more fully geared oneshots, decent lootsystem and tons of item farming goodness.

Crazy mob in d3

Server reset 26/09

Optifine plains

Today the server was reset to enforce the new “don’t build too far” rule, as you can see in the ruleset. As we’re still set up with a pretty low-spec server, a world save with multiple players which are spread throughout the server would bring the server over 100% load, and it would drop all players and incoming connections. That’s not nice.

Because of the spread, the server’s incremental backups also were over the allowed limit. Mo’ megs, mo’ problems, so something had to be done. If anyone wants the save of the old world, please PM me. It’s about 930mb in size when packed.

To emphasize on the community aspect of our minecraft server, I’ve also added a “build your spawn house nao” rule. Check it out. It’s a way of getting in touch with you during events, dropping off gifts and, as of 1.4, it will be a new way for you to fast-travel to spawn. Every player only gets one fast-travel teleporter though, so be sure you plan accordingly.